Celestino Bellone

poor tennis player, passionate software developer

I am a software developer with more than 14 years of experience, proficient in Java (from 1.3 till 8) and focused on web development. Recently I fell in love with AngularJS and responsive/realtime web applications. Last but not least, I am a Slackware Linux addict.


Ejisto github project page
Ejisto is an open source application (GPLv3) built to support front-end developers working on client-server Java application. It enables a developer to install and run web applications without worries about runtime dependencies such as DB connection; the integration with spring-loaded allows the modification of POJO classes which will be reloaded on the fly.
Alf.io github project page
Alf.io is an open source (GPLv3) ticket reservation system, built with privacy and security in mind. It is fully functional and already running for collecting attendees for some events.

Other activities:

Voxxed Days Ticino
A new kind of conference, born from the Devoxx to bring high quality content to the local communities. The first Voxxed Ticino will be held in Lugano on 18/04/2015. See you there!
Devoxx4Kids Ticino (organized by Ated4Kids)
I'm proud to be part of this wonderful community. Kids are always one step ahead of us and stimulating them with challenging activities always produce great results. And a lot of fun. In particular, I contribute as mentor for the "Arduino" sessions.